Come-In Project

COME In is an European project supported by the Erasmus+ Sport Programme. The project is led by OPES, Organizzazione per l’Educazione allo Sport, which promotes and organize various activities in the field of sport and having social inclusion purposes. OPES implements the project together with its partners: ENGSO Youth, ANESTAPS, SPARC and Special Olympics.

The project wants to support coaches, educators, volunteers, youth workers and leaders in sport field to create more inclusive sport opportunities with the aim to increase participation of young people with disabilities in sports.


The main objectives of the project are:

  • Increase participation of young people with disability in sports at grassroots level;

  • Build the capacity of the sport clubs in offering adapted and inclusive sport sessions for young people with disability and without disability;

  • Design, test and implement a training format for sport trainers, mentors and coaches using existing toolkit to help the organisations to increase the number of young people with disability to be included at grassroots level.